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Onboarding Post-COVID

Now that award season is in full swing, many companies are hiring to fill open opportunities. Yet, the whole process looks different. We aren’t meeting people in person for interviews, our “first impressions” are only as good as our video connectivity, and once hired, now you have to prepare them for a mostly-virtual environment. So, […]


Post-COVID | What to Expect and the Future of Business

  In this expert panel discussion recording, Stephanie Alexander is joined by: Jim Campbell, President/CEO of AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, Katie Bilek, SVP at Republic Capital Access and Co-Founder of govmates, Leslie A. Stout-Tabackman, Attorney at Law, Jackson Lewis P.C., and Lee Stokes, CEO/Founder of Compliance Services Agency to discuss what you can expect for […]


What Kind of Benefits Should You Be Offering?

Is Your Benefits Package Competitive? Your GovCon organization might be a spectacular place to work. The company culture may be the most fantastic company culture of all time, providing nonstop fulfillment and happiness to all your employees. That’s great, but if you aren’t backing it up with a competitive benefits package, you’re still going to […]


Don’t Let Taxes Rain on Your Parade: August’s GovCon Tips

Government Contractor’s Business Taxes: Five Essential Truths You Can’t Afford to Ignore Recent world-wide events have rocked the business world, causing many to adapt and revamp their operations. With remote work and multi-state operations becoming the norm, it’s opened up a whole new can of worms for business owners: taxes. That’s right, as business owners […]


Retention Versus Recruitment: Shaping an Organization’s Employee Experience Starts Before Hire – But it Doesn’t Stop There

While most Government Contractors (GovCons) agree that investing in relevant retention strategies will get them closer to a stable and high-functioning workforce, many ultimately devote more resources to recruiting than retention.

This may be because recruiting is a well-defined set of activities with a beginning, middle, and end. It involves activities such as job description development, job posting, resume screening, interviewing, and making job offers to the selected candidates. It begins with the need for a new employee and ends when that role is filled.


Ensuring Multijurisdictional Compliance for GovCons in a Remote Work Era

One of the biggest benefits of a remote workforce is tapping into talent nationwide that companies would otherwise not be able to reach. Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, many government contractors (GovCons) adjusted to this new reality of a remote workforce.  Remote work can provide flexibility and cost savings, but it also poses unique challenges for GovCon accounting. 

Operating in a multijurisdictional environment requires compliance with multiple layers of regulation, including varying laws and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. To manage compliance effectively in this new reality, GovCons need a practical and tactical approach that considers these unique challenges. So how do you get started? 


Things We Are Looking Forward to for GovCons in 2023

As we ease out of our holiday comas and find 2023 staring us straight in the face, the BOOST team wanted to share some of the trends/topics/ideas that we are most looking forward to in 2023. Stephanie: The labor market is finally starting to ease.  We hope this isn’t just wishful thinking on our part, […]


Incurred Cost Submission FAQ for the DIY Padawans

Once upon a webinar, in a galaxy as far away as a click of your mouse, three mighty Jedis took the challenge on May 4th to further explain and help young padawans discover the true force of an incurred cost submission (ICS). Our Brave Jedis/Panelists included moderation by Meg Kerns, and a discussion from Boost’s Director of Accounting & CFO Service Susana I. Vellelonga and BOOST’s Senior Accounting Consultant Khaldun Taib.


Marketing Your Business, Consistency is Key 

Do us a favor and imagine our best James Earl Jones impression “…and if you’ll look to your inbox, everyone is writing about COVID.” We know, we know.  While we may be exhausted by the constant deluge of COVID this, and social distancing that, the fact remains that the way we do business now has changed. Forever. This doesn’t […]