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Unlocking GovCon Success: The Key Role of Interview Training for Hiring Managers

Table of Contents Introduction Enhancing Hiring Skills Ensuring Compliance and Legal Considerations Promoting Consistency and Standardization Improving the Candidate Experience Enhancing Cost and Time Efficiency Mitigating Bias Understanding GovCon Industry Requirements Embracing Continuous Improvement Conclusion Partner with BOOST Key Takeaways About The Author, Janet Clark The government contracting (GovCon) industry relies on highly skilled professionals […]


Can AI-Based Hiring Algorithms Get You Into Trouble With the EEOC?

Yes, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is prioritizing enforcement against algorithmic and other tech-related employment discrimination. “Artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making tools have great potential to improve our lives, including in the area of employment,” says EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows in 2021. “At the same time, the EEOC is keenly aware that […]


Hiring Green Graduates

May is a time of year where we shed off the drab winter blues and look forward to the warmth of springtime.  May is also a time for college graduation and students hoping to start a career in their primary field of study.  It is estimated by The National Center for Education Statistics that roughly […]


GovCon Hiring from the Gut

“Have faith in your intuition and listen to your gut feeling.” Ann Cotton

Ask any Government Contractor CEO, and 90%+ will tell you that their biggest hurdle is people. Hiring the right team, making sure they play well together in the sandbox, work together to meet the mission, and generally push the company forward. The dynamics of a strong, diverse team are invaluable in the progression of your company. So how do you hire the right person? Do you rely on proven experience, or do you go with your gut?


Planning for FY24: EOFY GovCon Tips

  Seriously With a Government Shutdown? In what is now an annual rite of passage, federal contractors face another potential government shutdown. This one looks more likely to happen than in years past. But fear not, it’s not our first rodeo. Click here for some quick, actionable advice. Is it different from any other article […]


GovCon’s Golden Ticket: September’s GovCon Tips

With the end of the government fiscal year looming, we are sure you have no time left to breathe, let alone read a newsletter, but this one is actually worth a pause. Let’s face it, you are either in the middle of proposal development (OASIS+ folks we are thinking of you!) or you are waiting […]


Welcome Back To GovCon School: August’s GovCon Tips

Unlocking GovCon Success: The Key Role of Interview Training for Hiring Managers No, not just any questions, but the right questions. It is crucial to emphasize interview training practices for GovCon hiring managers to avoid conducting ill-fated interviews that lead to hiring the wrong candidates or having to contact your lawyer because you asked the […]


Don’t Let Taxes Rain on Your Parade: August’s GovCon Tips

Government Contractor’s Business Taxes: Five Essential Truths You Can’t Afford to Ignore Recent world-wide events have rocked the business world, causing many to adapt and revamp their operations. With remote work and multi-state operations becoming the norm, it’s opened up a whole new can of worms for business owners: taxes. That’s right, as business owners […]


Dog Days of Summer – BOOST’s July GovCon Tips

Unleash Your Teaming Agreement Potential If there were a GovCon Iditarod, it would be wise to know how to run with the pack. Whether you are interested in winning business from a new USG branch or agency, ghosting other bidders or a multitude of other potential reasons, how you decide to build or be a […]