A GovCon with over 10+ years of profitable growth came to BOOST wanting help to make better financial decisions in regards to pricing and profit. Since they had already been in business for 10 years, they clearly knew what they were doing in managing their GovCon and keeping it afloat, but no business is perfect, and there’s always room for improvement. They were satisfied with their current situation, but knew they could get better with help from our expert GovCon accounting & management consultants at BOOST. They needed CFO-level insight, without spending the money that a full-time CFO costs. This created a need for high-quality outsourced strategic decision-making, which BOOST was able to provide.


The selection process for finding a suitable candidate for the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be a major challenge, especially in the case of fractional or outsourced CFO services. A CFO is a crucial member of the senior management team and must have a deep understanding of financial operations and be able to make informed, data-driven decisions. This is particularly important in a fractional CFO scenario, where the individual is not fully immersed in the company and does not have the same level of involvement as a full-time CFO. This makes the decisions they render even more critical, as they do not have the same level of day-to-day management that a full-time CFO would have. Given the importance of the role and the challenges associated with finding the right person for the job, it is understandable that a company seeking fractional CFO services would turn to BOOST for help. As a provider of fractional CFO outsourcing services, BOOST has the expertise and experience needed to fill this need, ensuring that the company’s financial operations are in good hands without overextending the budget.


BOOST is now providing the client a fractional CFO for financial reviews, and as ad-hoc decisions come up that need a CFO’s perspective, a service we offer that can range in length from a single financial quarter to an indefinite arrangement. We’ve given them data-driven insight, making seasoned, strategic decisions that are all about the bottom line. This fractional CFO is  helping the company continue to grow, making responsible financial decisions regarding the future of the company.  They are expanding faster than their projections  and are excited for the future, as are we!


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