Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Do BOOST’s GovCon Services Cost?

We hate this answer, but honestly, it depends.  We work with each of our clients to determine the right cost to match the services and solutions needed by your company.  In the beginning it might be a quick assessment on where things stand.  It could be a small project that you don’t internally have the bandwidth to do.  Often, it expands from there depending on your company’s needs.

What size companies do you support?

BOOST supports all sizes of Government Contractors. Our small and medium GovCons utilize BOOST for their day to day back-office work, our large business GovCons mainly use us for project work.

What are examples of projects you work on?

Accounting system assessments, HR assessments, accounting system implementations and upgrades, SF1408 readiness/documentation, CPSR prep, corporate budgets/indirect rate forecasting and I-9 audit prior to acquisition.

If BOOST doesn’t do it, who does?

Just ask; we have a strong network of referral partners who can help you with everything from A to Z……… Just ask.  We are the first to tell you when we aren’t the best match, but our goal is to get you to a viable solution regardless of if we are the ones providing it.

Can you help scale and growth with our organization?

In a word: Yes.  This is what we love to do.  We were created to help folks jump through the hurdles of government contracting to get to the next level.

Isn’t Human Resources just hiring and firing, do I really need it?

HR is so much more than hiring and firing. Strategic HR helps companies grow profitably with workforce planning, policies and procedures, onboarding and offboarding, benefits coordination, employee retention, executive compensation plans, employee development, compensation analysis, investigations, promotions and backfills, and much much more. Learn more about our HR services for GovCons.

Don’t you have to be a Lawyer to manage contracts?

No, in fact, a lawyer used for day-to-day contract management will cost you about 2x what using a contract management professional will. We’ve also found that lawyers tend to think of contracts from a risk perspective (and therefore can redline the heck out of documents) versus a gotta get business done perspective. Our team knows that there is give and take that needs to happen to get the contract done.
We’ve also found that in GovCon negotiations, contracts folks want to work with contracts folks. Our team can be the hard ones in negotiations on your behalf, allowing you to maintain more of a business development relationship. You can always blame your “mean contracts folks” – we’re used to it!

Are you a staffing company?

No. Those are, quite frankly, a dime a dozen. If you need a front desk temp, they would be a better option. Our talent acquisition folks take time to get to know your company and its benefits before they begin their search. We don’t believe in cluttering up your inbox with an overflow of candidates that we shop around to clients. It’s a waste of time and energy and doesn’t help either party.

Does BOOST send people to our office?

No BOOST is 100% virtual AND 100% on USA soil. We do not off-shore our work. Our consultants are generally fractional, so they work for multiple clients and are able to have a work/life balance. But if we are in town or near your office, we’d love to stop by and meet you in person!

Does BOOST only use XYZ accounting software?

No BOOST is system agnostic, although we might have our favorites based on what we’ve seen work best.

I thought only XYZ accounting software was DCAA compliant.

DCAA compliance is much more than which accounting software you have.  In fact, we could make excel DCAA compliant, but the labor would outweigh the cost of using good software.

Are all of your employees’ background checked?

Yup, you better believe it!

Where is BOOST located?

BOOST is 100% virtual, but we are based out of the Washington, DC area.

Do you make nutritional supplement drink?

Ha ha, very funny……………… NO.

Aren’t you guys the discount cell phone provider?

…………… again you are hilarious, NO.

Do you only service Government Contractors?

YES, we were built to service GovCons; it is in our DNA.

What is strategic pricing?

Strategic pricing is just what it says, pricing for a government contract utilizing strategy so you can have the most advantageous pricing possible.  Think of your cost volume on steroids.

Do we have to change accounting systems?

No, BOOST clients are always on their own system and licenses; BOOST utilizes your accounting software, not the other way around.

Isn’t it cheaper to hire someone off UpWork?

Probably. But then you are at the mercy of a single shingle consultant who may or may not know GovCon. Our company is laser-focused on our industry. We also have reach back support and redundancy for our teams. Our folks are human…they get sick, they go on vacation, and although no one has done this yet, they might win the lottery. We plan for the unexpected.

Do you work on proposals?

Yes, but no.  BOOST can help with recruiting for your proposal, manage and work the cost volume and provide compliance checks.  We are NOT proposal writers, proposal managers, or business development/capture folks.  But we have a bunch in our network that we’re happy to refer you to.  The idea that people actually WANT to do proposals for a living is crazy to us. 😊

Is outsourcing cheaper than hiring?

Depends.  Here’s why (and know that the answer changes based on the richness of your benefits plan and the state in which you operate):

Take hiring a $85K all around accounting person to do all of your accounting work.

Base Salary  $    85,000.00
Social Security 6.20%  $      5,270.00
Medicare 1.45%  $      1,232.50
FUTA 0.06%  $            42.00
Total in Wages  $    91,544.50
Benefits  $  1,840.00  $    22,080.00
Estimated total  $ 113,624.50
* Benefits uses avg of $11.50/hour times avg of 160 hrs per month
  • This person is full time dedicated to your company
  • This person is a full time W-2, which means they are more entwined, are (in theory) more committed, solely focused on your company.


  • This person is a single point of failure. There is no checks and balances and there is a lack of redundancy.  There is no backup if they go on vacation, get sick or leave unexpectedly.
  • There is only one level of skill set. Which means they will be overqualified for some activities and underqualified for others.  Does the person who enters accounts payable daily also provide the strategic oversight to run your cash flow, do forward projections and price your proposals?  Sometimes this is the case, but often, it is not.

Note that the above only reflects basic costs, without regard to computers, software licenses, office space as applicable, etc.

Our work is either FFP or T&M and we charge by the labor category.  We have consultants at all levels of the spectrum so that we aren’t charging you SME prices for lower-level work.  This allows us to tailor our services to exactly match your needs.  It also allows us to grow with you as your organization evolves.