How Much Do GovCon Direct Hires Cost?

If I do this myself, what can I expect to pay.

BOOST works with each of our clients to determine the right cost to match the services and solutions needed by your GovCon. Whether you’re a large defense contractor with a specific need, a mid-tier that needs a CPSR, or a growing small business – we can help.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire In-House For GovCons?

Hiring a CFO, Contracts Manager, Accountant, Controller, HR, or Recruiter is expensive. Outsourcing your accounting / Contracts / HR / talent acquisition services can help save your GovCon a ton of money annually.  But equally important, you will have a team to support your needs – from more junior folks to senior SMEs.  This allows you to have the best advice and the best support to focus on what you need to do – grow your business.

BOOST can provide a more robust solution than hiring a single employee to fit all your needs.  Our team can flex with your company’s growth and has built-in redundancy so there is always a backup.  We also only charge for hours worked on our T&M projects – you aren’t paying for our down time.

For some organizations, it does make sense to hire in-house.  There is a time when in-sourcing is more effective, and we are the first to tell you.  We want you to be successful, and we view the relationship as a long term thing.

Here are some salary averages based off several notable survey tools (no, not!)

Salaries 2023 DC Metro National
Accounting Professional
Junior (associate 0-2 yrs) $67,000 $63,000
Mid (senior 5-7 yrs) $97,000 $79,000
Senior (associate Principal 10-12 yrs) $144,000 $118,000
Contracts Administrator
Junior (associate) $72,000 $67,000
Mid (senior) $101,000 $94,000
Senior (associate Principal) $154,000 $144,000
Human Resources Business Partner
Junior (associate) $75,000 $70,000
Mid (Lead) $129,000 $121,000
Senior (Senior Principal) $211,000 $197,000
Talent Acquisition
Junior (associate) $67,000 $63,000
Mid (senior) $105,000 $98,000
Senior (associate Principal) $143,000 $134,000

The team has been great and meeting expectations. We like their work style because they are responsive, efficient, and highly competent. Thank you for the great support!

Five Stars

Laurie Z.
Laurie Z.Director of Client Relations HR, Performance Management, & Organizational Development Consulting, PDRI

We are very pleased with BOOST’s performance. We have a weekly meeting, and they display professionalism and expertise. The team is giving us what we expected, and we’re excited that BOOST is helping us finalize the most important part of the audit process.

Five Stars

Matt P.
Matt P.VP of Operations Cyber, Data Science and Rapid Prototyping GovCon,

I’ve stayed with BOOST because of the great relationship we have. They consistently answered the call when we raised concerns and ensured that we received the best service. The accounting team looked at our finances and provided a real understanding of how our business was performing. The BOOST team really felt like they were members of our own team.

Five Stars

John W.
John W.Principal SDVOSB Marketing and Communications, Powell Strategies

We appreciated BOOST’s accounting team for their stellar support. The team was great to work with, understood our process, and were quick to assist with requests. Their accounting director provided fantastic financial expertise. She stayed on top of things and advised us on various aspects of our financial operations. Thank you for the back end support so we can focus on what we do best, delivering solutions to our customers

Five Stars

VenkatGovCon Consulting Company

The BOOST team did an absolutely fabulous job for us with talent acquisition services. Before BOOST, things were quite a mess, but their team got on top of it, and we managed to accept many offers in one week that we broke a record! We’re really delighted with how the partnership went.

Five Stars

Richard H.
Richard H. Senior Director of Operations, Evan Consulting

The team is very on the ball and has a very high aptitude and excellent work ethic towards supporting us thus far. I am very happy about having BOOST on board.

Five Stars

Brian R.
Brian R. President & CEO IT Solutions Provider, CTG Federal

What kinds of services does BOOST offer for GovCons?

BOOST offers the following services and solutions: