Strategic Pricing Services For GovCons

Proposals are won and lost because of pricing

BOOST’S Strategic Pricing Services for GovCons

BOOST knows that the perfect technical solutions won’t be enough to win the bid. Your proposal price must be in line with your customer’s budget and expectations. That’s why BOOST offers strategic pricing services for GovCons. From pricing analysis and pricing solutions to Book Boss / Green Team reviewers, BOOST provides complete cradle- o-grave strategic pricing support to help you grow as a government contractor. Our experts not only help your GovCon shape your strategic pricing solutions but also develop intelligently written cost volumes to ensure that your value and story comes through in this often neglected part of the proposal process. From multi-billion dollar contracts to smaller niche contracts, our experts have the depth and breadth in government contracting to navigate pricing challenges for you. Investing in professional pricing services often makes the difference in winning proposals. Our seasoned pricing team has decades of experience in government contracting and our professionals are well rounded by having worked in small and large GovCon corporations and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Make your next proposal a winning one by leveraging and investing in a smart and dedicated pricing team. BOOST pricing solutions are often the difference between winning and losing a proposal.

Our Strategic Pricing Services for GovCons, by Category

Strategic Pricing Services For GovCons

  • OTA proposals
  • SCA Pricing approaches
  • Cost Plus, Fixed Priced, Time and Materials
  • Cryptocurrency/AI/Engineering
  • Complex government Pricing schedules

Robust Salary survey tool

  • Access to over 22 survey databases, including ERI
  • Deep analysis on various labor families
  • Integrates pricing strategy and Compensation plans

Pricing and Cost Volume Preparation

  • Strategic cost narratives
  • Price to Win
  • Basis of Estimate (BOE) development and integration
  • Indirect Rates analysis
  • Cost Center Development
  • Subcontractor Rates compliance and management
  • A deep and broad bench of expert consultants in the field.
  • Complex Govt pricing models and business models
  • Book boss/Green Team reviewers
  • Color team reviewers
  • Compliance with Section L/ Pricing schedule management
  • 10+ pricing SME bench

Experience across all agencies and various IDIQs/GWAC to include

  • NASA
  • DoD
  • Intelligence
  • DHS
  • NIH
  • GSA MAS, OASIS, Alliant, NEX-GEN, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of contracts do BOOST’s strategic pricing services support?

BOOST’s strategic pricing services support a wide range of contract types, including OTA proposals, SCA pricing approaches, Cost Plus, Fixed Priced, and Time and Materials contracts, as well as complex government pricing schedules.

2. How does BOOST’s salary survey tool benefit my GovCon business?

BOOST’s salary survey tool provides access to over 22 survey databases and offers deep analysis on various labor families. This information enables your GovCon business to integrate pricing strategies and compensation plans effectively, ensuring competitive labor pricing and well-rounded proposals.

3. Does BOOST have experience working with various government agencies and contract vehicles?

Yes, BOOST has experience working with a diverse range of agencies and contract vehicles, including NASA, DoD, Intelligence, DHS, NIH, GSA MAS, OASIS, Alliant, NEX-GEN, and more. This broad experience ensures BOOST’s ability to effectively navigate agency-specific contracting requirements and provide tailored pricing solutions.

4. What is included in BOOST’s pricing and cost volume preparation services?

BOOST’s pricing and cost volume preparation services encompass strategic cost narratives, Price to Win development, Basis of Estimate (BOE) development and integration, indirect rates analysis, cost center development, and subcontractor rates compliance and management. These services help clients create well-rounded proposals with a strong value proposition.

5. How does BOOST ensure my proposal meets compliance requirements?

BOOST employs a team of expert consultants, including Book Boss/Green Team reviewers and Color Team reviewers, who are well-versed in government contracting requirements. They work closely with clients to ensure proposals comply with Section L and effectively manage pricing schedules, providing the best chance of winning the contract.