Recruiting for Government Contractors

Experts in talent acquisition and recruiting strategies that align with organizational goals.

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Services for Government Contractors at BOOST

Our consultants, many with advanced degrees, have experience working with government contractors. BOOST consultants provide government contracting expertise, attention to detail, rapid response times, and personalized back-office service. We help to BOOST recruitment efforts through a full suite of services, including recruiting and hiring, but extending as far as interview training and ATS technology implementation. 

BOOST can staff your project quickly and successfully by offering corporate support as well as communication with clients on a regular basis to guarantee client success and satisfaction. As a talent acquisition contractor, BOOST can supercharge your team with the candidates that will provide what you’ve been missing.

Talent Acquisition Strategy for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Talent Acquisition Strategy Services for GovCons

When it comes to finding the best candidates for government contracting jobs, there is no substitute for experience and expertise. BOOST’s talent acquisition strategy services provide both. 

We help our GovCon clients focus on a strategic approach to develop a talent pipeline by utilizing our consultants’ years of experience to craft a tailored strategy for any company or contract need. Government contractors that use BOOST’s talent acquisition strategy services can focus on their core business activities, while we take care of mapping out the talent acquisition process.

Interim Recruitment Services for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Interim Recruitment Services for GovCons

Interim recruitment services are a great way for government contractors to find qualified candidates for their open positions. At BOOST, our interim recruitment services help government contractors who need immediate service. Our team will source, identify, and attract top talent quickly and effectively, save time and money by not having to post job openings and screen resumes themselves, and access a larger pool of potential candidates that are specifically tailored to the GovCons industry. We provide an advantage that most contract recruiters can’t, providing you with quality candidates from a specified pool of GovCon specialists.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services at BOOST LLC

RPO Services for Government Contractors

There are many reasons why government contractors should use recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). RPO can help to improve the quality of the applicant pool, speed up the hiring process, and reduce costs. 

BOOST improves the quality of our GovCon clients’ applicant pool by providing access to a larger number of potential candidates with our network of contacts and ability to source talent from a variety of channels. BOOST allows government contractors to cast a wider net and identify the best talent for their open positions.

ATS Technology for Government Contractors

BOOST’s ATS Technology Assessment, Evaluation & Implementation for GovCons

BOOST’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology services include assessment, evaluation, and implementation services to ensure that our  GovCon clients’ technology is up to par with industry standards. BOOST gives an objective third-party opinion on our GovCon clients’ current infrastructure and how it can be improved to better align technology investments with business goals and objectives. Our consultants help design and implement new ATS technology infrastructure so our clients have peace of mind knowing that their ATS is compliant with OFCCP and federal guidelines.

Interview Training for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Interview Training Services for GovCons

Interviews are one of the most important tools that GovCon managers have for assessing a job candidate’s qualifications. However, what many government contractors may not realize is that interview training is also an invaluable tool for improving manager effectiveness. 

BOOST’s interview training services help our GovCon clients’ managers learn how to properly evaluate candidates in technical positions, ask the right questions, and how to avoid common mistakes such as asking leading or unethical questions, and much more that BOOST has seen over the years. Learn more about our interview training services, and boost recruitment efforts by training your managers to conduct interviews in the most effective way possible.

A Complete Government Contract Services Package

BOOST’s recruiting and talent acquisition services for government contractors aren’t the only reason why our clients are so successful. Our clients win more contracts through a combination of our managed accounting services for GovCons and our strategic pricing services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s goal for our clients is successful growth. Get only the best contracts with BOOST’s contract services for government contractors and create a winning working environment with our HR services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s suite of services combines to be the ultimate powerplay for any government contractor looking to win more contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is BOOST’s recruiting process for open requisitions?

We utilize a 7-step hiring process that’s uniquely catered to each of our client’s hiring needs.

2. What type of talent acquisition support does BOOST offer?

We use long-term strategies, such as employer branding and internal mobility. BOOST also uses technologies to support recruitment strategies, such as candidate relationship management, data analytics, workforce segmentation, and learning management systems.

3. Do BOOST’s talent acquisition and recruiting services cover surge support?

Yes, our services are both strategic and proactive as well as reactive and linear with a specific endpoint.

4. What deliverables are included in BOOST’s ATS technology assessments and evaluations?

We assess our client’s organization to ensure they are using an effective and compliant applicant tracking system with modern features that fit their business model.

5. How does BOOST approach diversity and inclusion in its recruiting?

We establish Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Goals that build a diverse candidate pipeline by developing a process for sourcing active and passive candidates from a wealth of resources; creating inclusive job descriptions, and inclusive interviewing that combats bias.

6. Who will we be working with when we use BOOST’s talent acquisition and recruiting services?

BOOST has a Talent Acquisition & Strategy Manager that will focus on the organization’s long-term strategy and a Talent Acquisition Consultant that will source and refine your recruitment strategies.

7. Can BOOST customize its talent acquisition and recruiting services to match our requirements?

Yes, each talent acquisition and recruitment strategy is uniquely designed based on the GovCon’s organizational needs and objectives.

8. Where does BOOST find qualified candidates for government contractors?

Since BOOST only supports government contractors, we have a unique pipeline and networking channels that we are able to utilize through our sister company – GovMates.

9. What is BOOST’s definition of end-to-end talent acquisition solutions?

Talent acquisition strategies should align with the mission, vision, and values of a GovCon and be viewed as key drivers of an organization’s success with a proactive, long-term approach that evolves and adapts to meet changing talent challenges and developments.