Revolutionizing Project Accounting for Government Contractors

Experience a streamlined approach to the intricacies of government contracting with the ultimate project accounting system tailored for your growth. At PROCAS, we empower you with comprehensive accounting, timekeeping, expense reporting, and project management solutions, all packed into flexible contracts designed to evolve with your business.

The PROCAS Advantage: Technology, Insight, and Security

Our modern architecture and adaptable functionality are meticulously crafted to grow alongside your business. PROCAS stands as the paragon of SOC2 compliance, independently audited to ensure top-tier security and availability. With us, you can effortlessly attain DCAA Compliance and brace yourself for CMMC 2.0. What’s more, our standard user licensing includes integrations with our Technology Partners’ software, sans any additional setup or licensing fees.

Why PROCAS Is Your Ultimate Choice

PROCAS stands as a beacon for simplifying DCAA Compliance while fostering your business growth. Our all-in-one solution covers Accounting, Timekeeping, Expense Reporting, and Project Management Reporting. We value your time, which is why our streamlined setup process ensures a seamless transition. Additionally, our flexible pricing makes PROCAS an affordable option regardless of your company’s size.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PROCAS

  1. Compliance by Design – Starting from timesheet processing to labor distribution, indirect cost pools, and project cost and revenue management.
  2. Modern Architecture – Designed for rapid implementation and user adoption, boosting ROI.
  3. Streamlined Month-End Closures – Automate processes and reduce close times from days to hours, with a 2-week build cycle for ongoing efficiency.
  4. Comprehensive Profit Margin Tracking – By contract, task order, employee, and subcontractor, including burn rates by person.
  5. Custom “Standard” Reports – Modify system reports, save them as menu options, or harness Power BI for advanced reporting.
  6. Out-of-the-Box Dashboards – Providing instant insights into your financial landscape.
  7. Modern Web API – For powerful integrations.
  8. Expert US-Based Support Staff – Experienced in government contract accounting.
  9. Efficient Implementation Methodology – Includes loading project history, producing government invoices, and closing the month at record speed.
  10. Decades of Focus – For over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to simplifying government contracting.

How PROCAS Propels Your Business Growth

Tools Tailored for Government Contractors

• Integrated accounting, billing, timesheet, and expense report system. • Intelligent Financial Architecture segregates direct, indirect, and unallowable costs, supporting flexible indirect cost pools. • Automated billing supports various contract types, including cost-plus fixed fee (CPFF), time & material (T&M), and firm fixed price (FFP), with customizable invoice formats. • Streamlined recording of labor hours and costs from employee timesheets. • Mobile-friendly timesheets for enhanced employee accessibility. • Comprehensive audit trail to track all updates. • Easy and flexible indirect rate structure setup. • Built-in financial dashboards provide real-time access to critical financial data.

DCAA and GAAP Compliance by Design

• Accrual-based project cost accounting. • Flexible coding structure for tracking costs. • Automated indirect rate calculations and applications. • Employee timesheet and expense authorizations. • Detailed audit trail and electronic signatures for timesheets and expense reports. • Automated update of government per diem rates.

Reporting for Projects & Incurred Cost Submissions

• Built-in project dashboards for visibility into project funding, profit, and more. • Job Cost Ledger for comprehensive tracking. • Contract funding and backlog reporting. • Project-based profitability reporting with various rate options. • Standard reports, including Incurred Cost Submission schedules. • WebAPI and Power BI for customized reporting and data connectivity.

Elevate your government contracting experience with PROCAS – Where Technology, Insight, and Security Converge for Your Success.

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