Financial Consulting for Government Contractors

BOOST’s senior-level financial consulting and CFO support helps your GovCon with industry-standard budget analysis and forecasting, financial analysis, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, and indirect rate structure development. In addition to consulting in these areas, BOOST also offers support to our clients with incurred cost submissions (ICS), financial briefings and presentations, board member support for financial inquiries, SF 1408 assessments, and other needs including audit preparation support and mergers and acquisition preparation. Our services go far beyond that of a GovCon accountant, we provide financial insight that will help you build revenue and scale with your growth.

BOOST also offers advisory services for areas like cost accounting standards (CAS) disclosure, banking relationships, special short-term cash forecasting and reporting, and more.

GovCon Accounting Assessments

BOOST’s Accounting Assessments for Government Contracts

BOOST’s accounting services for GovCons provide assessment support of our government contractor’s accounting eco-system (any system that touches accounting, including payroll and timekeeping) and processes that will evaluate their current state, review system efficiencies, and determine what is needed to be GovCon compliant. At the conclusion of the assessment, BOOST provides a written summary outlining our findings and recommendations for improvements and enhancements to our client’s accounting systems, as well as highlighting any compliance issues. We serve as a GovCon accountant, both in the recording of transactions and the overall structure of your GovCon organization.

As part of our government contract accounting assessment, we also identify items for remediation and the recommended process for correction. From the initial Kick-Off meeting and weekly update meetings to our closing meeting, our clients are kept ahead of the assessment and up-to-date on findings, addressing any questions and concerns at any given point within the accounting assessment.