About BOOST & Our Back-Office Solutions for GovCons


BOOST was founded to support GovCons as they get to the next level with our scalable back-office/Corporate Support for GovCons. After reinventing the wheel many times and banging our heads against numerous walls, we have learned what works and what doesn’t in the government contracting space. We love working with executives who want to see their organization grow and who value advice from those who have “been there, done that.” We want our small clients to outgrow us. We want our large GovCon clients to use us when they need us and then call us back for the next project. We want you to sell your government contracting business for the multiplier you want. We want you to be successful.


We provide government-compliant back-office services, operational support, and candid business advice, combining our team of experienced and trained professionals with the drive of entrepreneurs to enable small businesses to become successful with government contracting.


  • Honesty and integrity above all else
  • Work with people you like
  • Do what you say you will
  • Always pursue learning


Our passion is to mentor every small government contractor business to propel them successfully into the competitive arena.



BOOST was founded to support GovCons as they get to the next level with our back-office solutions for GovCons. Government contractors, or companies with a GovCon division, are our only clients. Our niche is deliberate and we provide quality, specialized services in the unique GovCon environment.


BOOST’s back-office consultants are a team of seasoned professionals who provide efficient services to the government contracting (GovCon) community. Our consultants know how to quickly assess business problems, work with existing systems, outline a performance strategy and execute quality services. All BOOST consultants have years of experience working with government contractors and are aware of the requirements, compliance, and nuances of working in this industry.

By providing knowledgeable support in the areas of accounting, contracts, HR, recruiting, and strategic advisory services, BOOST’s back-office/Corporate Support for GovCons provide a pathway for your growing GovCon to operate effectively, reducing your risks and increasing long-term gains. We believe that by helping your business save valuable capital resources, you can grow efficiently and focus on achieving your business goals faster.


Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander

CEO & Founder

Serving GovCons
since 2002

Lisa Linden

Lisa Linden


Serving GovCons
since 2004

Bernita Tardieu JD

Bernita Tardieu JD

Director of Contracts

Serving GovCons
since 2012

Lindsay Moore MS, PHR, SHRM-CP

Lindsay Moore MS, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of HR and Recruiting Services

Serving GovCons
since 2010

Daniel Nathan

Daniel Nathan

SVP of Business Development

Serving GovCons
since 2014


BOOST serves only the GovCon community. We know this industry in and out – it is all we do. We want to work with you and help you grow! Here are some things about BOOST and our philosophy on doing business:

  • Our consultants are awesome. BOOST consultants all have years of GovCon experience, they know this industry and they work hard for our clients.
  • BOOST is software agnostic. We work with your current systems and although we might make suggestions for enhancements, we do not endorse any brand, allowing us to put your needs first, not just whoever pays us a referral fee.
  • We believe that knowing what you DON’T do is equally important as what you DO. As a result, BOOST is a great resource for GovCon referrals – GovCon lawyers, health care brokers, finding office space, bankers, CPAs, FSOs, etc. Our mission is to be a vast source of information and a great resource for you. It is just part of what we do. We are constantly trying to provide value to our relationships whether through introductions or referrals, or just some advice that we’ve seen work in the industry.
  • BOOST does not believe in hanging on for years and years. We’ve all seen consultants that milk their engagements for a long time by holding back their proprietary data or by suggesting more and more “special projects.” This drives us nuts.
  • We love helping our clients. We just want them to grow successfully. We believe that graduating from using us is a success for a growing GovCon. We want you to call us back for surge support or help with special projects. We want you to recommend BOOST to other GovCons.

Are You A Good Fit for BOOST?

Are you a commercial company or a non-profit?

Trust us, you don’t want to put in the compliance piece that GovCon requires if you don’t have to!

Are you a GovCon looking for the cheapest solution?

We will not be the most expensive consultants, nor will we be the cheapest. If you care only about cost, please try Craigslist or some other website offering. To lower costs, engage someone without GovCon experience. But be prepared to pay twice as much to fix what gets broken and forget passing any Government audits.

Are you a GovCon who just wants data entry?

Our role as consultants, no matter the level of experience, is to provide value. If we aren’t looking for ways to improve your current processes or save you money, then we aren’t doing our job. If you just want us to enter data into software, we aren’t a good fit.

Are you a GovCon who needs lots of wining and dining?

We are a small business with limited funds. If you need to be taken to a sports event every quarter or want an expensive steak dinner every month, we are not your solution. We believe in saving you time and money. We don’t have a lot of either ourselves, so we would rather introduce you to a potential teammate for an opportunity you are interested in, than spend money on activities or swag.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply email us to schedule a time to talk about what you are looking for. We prefer a quick phone call to ensure we are a good fit (again, we are all about saving time and money for all parties). If we are, we will schedule a more in-depth discussion to figure out the most effective and efficient way to help your needs.