HR Services for GovCons

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HR Services for Government Contractors at BOOST

Our HR Consultants have years of experience working with government contractors; in fact, government contracting is all we do. Take advantage of our specialized HR services for government contractors that understand the unique ins-and-outs of the fast-paced government contracting space. Use BOOST to develop and maintain a successful, efficient GovCon HR department that gets results, generates important and useful data, and always meets compliance at federal, state, and local levels.

HR Strategy Services for Government Contractors

BOOST’s HR Strategy Services for GovCons

Human resources strategy is key for any business, but especially for government contractors. A well-crafted GovCon human resources strategy will help you navigate the complicated map of compliance requirements for government contractors in federal, state, and local demands as well as government contracting compliance.

BOOST’s HR strategy for government contractors is the perfect solution for your human resources needs. We will conduct an assessment of your human resources needs and provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations in our executive HR assessment review. We also offer support in areas such as government compliance, compensation, policy, and procedure.

HR Leadership Services for Government Contractors

Interim HR Leadership, Leadership Development & Support

GovCon human resources leadership services are vital for government contractors looking to stay competitive in a quick-paced, competitive market. Not only do they provide the necessary support to ensure compliance with all regulations, but they also play a critical role in developing and maintaining a strong talent pipeline. 

BOOST’s human resources leadership services for government contractors provides a team of highly-experienced human resources and human capital professionals who are well-versed in the unique challenges that government contractors face. Our human resources leadership services for GovCons can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your GovCon organization, whether you’re looking for interim HR support to fill a vacant executive position, want to support new executive roles with our leadership support services, or want help developing the next great HR leader with our engaging HR leadership development experiences such as coaching, training, and individual development plans.

HR Business Process Outsourcing for GovCons

BOOST’s HR BPO Services for Government Contractors

BOOST’s HR business process outsourcing services allow you to contract out human resources-related activities and functions so that you can focus on your core business and winning contracts. We handle all the day-to-day GovCon HR activities, including onboarding, benefits enrollment, employee relationship management, termination process, and more. 

HR BPO for government contractors improves HR management because we can focus solely on HR, leading to better employee morale and productivity. Our HR BPO services are always government compliant because government contract work is all we do. Improve your HR management, save time and money, comply with laws and regulations, and improve your customer service with BOOST’s HR business process outsourcing services for government contractors.

HR Solutions for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Human Resources Solutions for GovCons

BOOST’s HR solutions for government contractors can scale alongside the size and structure of your business. Our GovCon HR solutions include HR policy and procedure development, which includes creating and maintaining affirmative action plans (AAPs) that ensure that your human resources practices comply with federal regulations and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. 

BOOST’s human resources solutions for GovCons handle any HR reporting needs, including the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)’s VETS-4212 for veteran status employees and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)’s EEO-1 reporting on the race, ethnicity, and gender of employees. We also assist with compensation analysis and strategy to identify any compensation disparities and make sure you’re on par with industry standards. BOOST can handle GovCon HR investigations and offers deliverables such as employee handbooks to ensure a thriving, stable work environment.

A Complete Government Contract Services Package

BOOST’s HR services for government contractors aren’t the only reason why our GovCon clients are so successful. Our clients win more contracts through a combination of our managed accounting services for GovCons and our strategic pricing services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s goal for our GovCon clients is successful growth. Win the best contracts with BOOST’s contract services for government contractors and get only the best people working on those contracts with our recruiting and talent acquisition services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s suite of services combines to be the ultimate powerplay for any government contractor looking to win more contracts. From GovCon HR to managed GovCon accounting, BOOST has your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing HR to govcon HR professionals ensures compliance and consistency and allows clients to get out of the weeds and focus on growing their business.

2. When is it time for an HR assessment?

An HR assessment benefits any client that wants to ensure their HR processes are compliant and efficient. Once a client reaches approximately 20 employees, it is helpful to review HR processes to ensure the client is set up for success as they continue to grow. When clients reach 50 employees, especially in the GovCon arena, a variety of compliance requirements take effect. During the assessment and in the final recommendations report, BOOST informs and prepares all clients, regardless of size, about the requirements of having 50+ employees.

3. What are the VETS-4212 and EEO-1 reports?

The VETS-4212 and EEO-1 reports are required reporting for government contractors. BOOST HR Consultants can assist clients with completing and filing these reports annually.

4. As a client, who do we contact for our HR needs?

BOOST assigns all clients an HR SME or Sr. HR Consultant to support their day-to-day or one-off HR needs. This HR Consultant works on an as-needed basis to fulfill your requests for HR support.

5. How does BOOST handle HR investigations?

BOOST assigns an HR SME to work with the client to understand the purpose of the investigation. The HR SME schedules conversations with selected employees, reviews findings, and provides details and a final report to the client that contains recommendations for next steps.

6. Can BOOST assist with a compensation analysis?

Yes. BOOST provides compensation analysis for clients who want to ensure they are paying their employees fairly and equitably. This is a best practice for government contractors, especially those required to have an AAP in place (over 50 employees + a contract value of $50,000). BOOST uses a comprehensive salary tool that compiles 25+ salary surveys to include govcon specific industry data.

7. Can BOOST prepare an AAP?

Yes. BOOST HR Consultants prepare and produce annual AAPs for clients. BOOST Consultants also work to ensure that clients are educated on various compliance factors that align with the required AAP.

Key Takeaways

BOOST LLC has years of experience in the realm of HR for government contractors, offering a variety of GovCon HR services to help contractors stay focused on what’s profitable.

BOOST offers assessments of human resources needs, highlighting shortcomings and offering proven strategies for improvement.

Among other offerings, BOOST can provide interim HR leadership and assist in the development of future HR leaders for your GovCon.

Outsourcing your HR needs to another business, like BOOST LLC, can help you stay focused on winning your next contractor, handling all day-to-day HR needs as they arise, from standard onboarding paperwork to full HR investigations.

We can also help in the development of HR policy and procedure, including the production of Affirmative Action Plans or AAPs for short.

BOOST offers these services as part of a whole ecosystem of GovCon back-office services, helping government contractors stay profitable and agile.