Why you should drop your contingency recruiter and utilize the hourly model

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Recruiters have to make money too, so how do they do it?

For decades recruiters have utilized a contingency model which moves the risk to the recruiter but costs companies dearly when they hire a candidate. Most contingency firms charge anywhere from 20-30% of the first year salary, which can be substantial. Imagine a $150,000/yr. salary at a 25% contingency success fee, which is $37,500 you have to pay.

BOOST utilizes the hourly method, the risk is spread across both the client and the recruiters. How you ask, because if we fail, you will tell all your GovCon friends not to utilize us. We need repeat clients that trust us to succeed for them.  The cost is much more reasonable often saving clients 60-80% or, in the above example, over $25,000 in savings.  Would you rather pay $37,500 or $11,250?  I know what I would choose.

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