Government Contract Services for GovCons

Experts in government contract management, compliance, GSA schedules, and CPSRs

Contract Services for Government Contractors at BOOST

With a professional staff that boasts over 120 years of Government Contracting (GovCon) experience, BOOST offers the highly skilled government contract support services that new and growing GovCons need. We provide guidance on the GovCon industry’s best practices for every facet of the contract management lifecycle.

We work with small to mid-size government contractor businesses to approach contracts from a strategic perspective which positions our clients to be competitive and compliant in the GovCon market. From day-to-day contracts management, contracts SME services, GSA support services, regulatory compliance reviews and assessments, BOOST offers a wide variety of government contract support services exclusively for government contractors.

If you are in the GovCon space and do not have experienced personnel in the nuances of the GovCon environment, BOOST can be your best resource as we offer complete lifecycle contract support services to help your GovCon meet its Contract and Subcontract requirements.

Contract Management Services at BOOST LLC

BOOST Government Contracts Professionals

BOOST Government Contracts Professionals provide the complete range of contracting services and contract support for our GovCon clients including, but not limited to, Contract and Subcontract reviews, establishing Contract/Subcontract Briefs, creating compliant contracting agreement templates, purchase orders, MOUs, audit-ready contract file structures, file maintenance, etc.  Our team is highly skilled in reviewing and drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Teaming Agreements (TAs), and Subcontract Agreements (SubKs) to protect our client’s interests without being overly confrontational and argumentative with potential teammates and collaborators.   Our team can assist with System for Award Management (SAM) updates, Reps and Certs preparation for RFP/RFQ responses, annual Service Contract Act (SCA) reporting, and Subcontract reporting. We provide full-scope contract support services that help GovCons spend more time on what matters.

We know that the GovCon environment is often confusing and sometimes has contradictory requirements, so it is a great practice to have an experienced and engaged contract interpretation resource you can rely on to provide guidance and suggestions when needed.  BOOST contracts specialists can also help prepare responses to less than satisfactory Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARS) and draft Contracting Officer correspondence when a special approach is needed.

Contracts SME Services for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Contracts SME Services for GovCons

BOOST Contracts SME services excel in compliance. We provide RFP/RFQ compliance contractual reviews and analysis that allow us to properly advise our clients on solicitation and proposal matters, as well as performance and compliance risks. BOOST can provide Estimating and Purchasing System Compliance Reviews.  We can provide contract compliance assessments and help GovCons have systems in place to stay ahead of the curve. In addition, BOOST Contracts SME services can educate, train, and enhance client teams on contracts, subcontracts, and regulatory compliance requirements.

BOOST Contracts SME services serve, as needed, as our client’s contracts function liaison with government Contracting Officers, commercial clients, prime contractors, and various functional groups including the executive team, finance, HR, and project management.

GSA Support for Government Contractors

BOOST’s GSA Support for GovCons

BOOST GSA Support team provides dynamic support, maintenance, and negotiation services for our client’s GSA schedule and proposals. BOOST can assist our clients in assessing if they can have a GSA Schedule and if so, will provide guidance and support in the GSA Schedule proposal preparation and submission. BOOST will help oversee GSA government reporting and periodic compliance audits to best provide our clients with oversight, support, and guidance on all GSA activities, schedules, and modifications. BOOST GSA Support provides GSA schedule and contracts compliance assessments to evaluate GSA compliance regulations, amendments, and requirement applicability for our clients. Our GSA government contract support is unrivaled in the industry.

Compliance Support for Government Contractors

BOOST’s Compliance Support for GovCons

BOOST government contract compliance support team helps our clients analyze and update existing compliance policies and related documentation by developing and maintaining a compliance recordkeeping system, communicating compliance policies and guidelines to leadership/clients, and tracking compliance requirements and amendments to regulations. BOOST provides compliance matrices and analysis to evaluate the compliance of policies, practices, and standards to meet business and contract objectives.

BOOST government contract compliance support helps clients evaluate internal operational and procedural compliance, develop new compliance policies and procedures, and support compliance certification and regulatory reviews.  BOOST provides cutting-edge business system reviews, analysis, and preliminary assessments.

A Complete Government Contract Services Package

BOOST’s contract services for government contractors aren’t the only reason why our clients are so successful. Our clients win more contracts through a combination of our managed accounting services for GovCons and our strategic pricing services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s goal for our clients is successful growth. Get only the best people working on those contracts with our recruiting and talent acquisition services for GovCons and create a winning working environment with our HR services for GovCons. 

BOOST’s suite of services combines to be the ultimate powerplay for any government contractor looking to win more contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a GSA schedule and why do I need one?

A GSA Schedule can be a valuable tool to expand government sales if your company has:

  • Goods and Services that are needed by Government Agencies
  • Customers requesting you get a GSA Schedule
  • Experience selling to Government Agencies
  • Competitors that have a GSA Schedule such that your market penetration is limited without one
  • Market research supporting GSA Schedule sales

2. Does BOOST offer proposal reviews for government compliance?

Yes, we offer pre-proposal requirements review and post-proposal compliance review.

3. Can BOOST’s contract services combine with BOOST’s other services for government contractors?

Yes, BOOST offers the following services: accounting (including CFO support), human resources, talent acquisition/recruiting, and strategic pricing.  We collaborate internally when multiple services are being performed for a client to provide seamless business cadence.

4. How does BOOST handle a GovCon client’s needs for surge support?

Client requirements are always prioritized. We ask clients to provide timelines so that we can meet urgent needs as quickly as possible.  We evaluate tasking and priority items.  Tasks such as proposal support, teaming agreements, and subcontract reviews take priority over routine tasks such as preparing contract briefs.

5. How does BOOST handle ethics compliance for government contractors?

For new government contractors, BOOST will ensure that the contractors understand the FAR requirements in having a corporate ethics policy (52.203-13 Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct). By becoming familiar with the client’s operations, we will be able to advise clients on any ethical issues that may arise during contract performance.  BOOST advises clients to when in doubt, ask!

6. What makes BOOST’s contract services for government contractors stand out from the competition?

Our contracts professionals have over 100 years of combined government contracts experience from both the government side and private industry side.  We have four former government contracting officers on our team, which gives us a multi-faceted approach to contracts support, allowing us to give perspectives from both the industry and the government side.  Given the depth and breadth of government contracting experience, there are not many situations that our team has not encountered.

7. How do BOOST’s customized contractual document templates work? Are they branded?

Using preexisting templates is a cost-saving measure for GovCons.  BOOST contractual templates are BOOST intellectual property, which we utilize to meet client needs. We customize each template for clients.

8. How does BOOST handle negotiated workshare?

When reviewing a Teaming Agreement, BOOST works with clients to allow for the TA to reflect the maximum workshare they can achieve given the type of acquisition and classification of their business against the RFP requirements.

9. How does BOOST help their GovCon clients handle conflict of interest issues?

We get a full picture of the situation generating the conflicts, as well as gain an understanding of the GovCon’s organizational structure, and suggest strategies to mitigate effectively.