Susana Vallelonga

Director of Accounting

Susy Vallelonga

Susana’s Experience

Establishing herself on a foundation of integrity, Susana Vallelonga is a seasoned Chief Finance Officer with over 15+ years of experience accentuating corporate finance, accounting, compliance, and treasury management. Currently supporting federal government contractors as a fractional CFO for clients, Susana brings with her an extensive background involving regulatory accounting/finance guidance, compliance relations, business development, strategic system implementations, and overall organizational change management success.

Additionally, Susana is the Director of Accounting & Finance for BOOST LLC, a company founded to provide enterprise level services to Government Contractors in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Contracts, HR, Recruiting and Strategic Pricing. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the financial management, planning, operations, and business development initiatives for the Accounting and Finance Division. She enjoys leveraging her acumen to not just exceed advanced operational and financial objectives but do so all while propelling various community initiatives along the way.

To date, Susana has held several executive-level finance roles, including as a former CFO responsible for the financial and accounting management of a $50M+ annual revenue government contracting organization, and more preceding, as a fractional CFO at a CPA firm servicing multiple clients of diversified industries to include non-profits, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, oil and gas, environmental drilling, and construction. Since then, Susana has become heavily accredited for her innovative lens, cross-functional leadership, and measurable impacts that have resulted in improvements without sacrificing compliance or organizational virtue. But more notably, Susana earned the respect and trust of her peers and government stakeholders for her influential ambiance that render positive outcomes with minimal disruption.

Susana holds an MBA and a BA in Business Management from the University of Texas, alongside several coinciding certifications ranging from financial management and corporate strategy to financial modeling valuations and sensitivity analysis. Overall, Susana is a firm believer in creating better business and community futures by instilling positive trajectories today, and like most in the GovCon industry, she understands that the most successful outcomes are the ones that stem from the formation of strong, shared values.