A foreign-owned intelligence community software provider came to BOOST needing help with their entire back office. They planned to populate the US entity with only a sales team, leaving all R&D and administrative services overseas, creating an immediate need for managed GovCon accounting and other back-office GovCon services. They were already being pushed by the intelligence community to create the US division as fast as possible, necessitating a well-thought out, well-executed plan for GovCon compliance, across a variety of service fields, including accounting/ & finance, HR compliance & execution, and contract management.


This company was essentially being facing the challenge of deploying a sales team with no support, in a foreign country, and to do it as quickly as possible. Given the complexities of compliance with US government regulations, this would be an uphill battle for even the most seasoned government contractor. The entire back-office of the GovCon was overseas, meaning the sales team had a choice: outsource these tasks, or attempt to learn everything there is to know about complying with US GovCon regulations within a very short time window and implement this new knowledge while upholding the entire sales funnel. With no other help for GovCon back-office systems, BOOST was in a position to strategically implement our suite of services to ensure the successful rollout of the US entity. By applying our years of experience in compliance, accounting, contracting, HR, and strategic pricing management, we were able to create and implement a strategy specifically tailored to make their sales team successful, helping them break new ground in the US territory. This all-around back office GovCon support is one of our specialties, and we were eager to jump into the mix and help make decisions that would steer them toward success.


BOOST was able to advise our client on what type of accounting system they needed for DCAA compliance as a GovCon, what company to partner with for payroll, insurance, and 401K, and other key financial decisions in the strategic deployment of the US team. Our services went beyond advising, however. We implemented the accounting system, managed all day to day transactions for their business, and only reported to the company’s US President, who was not an employee when we started conversations. Through this growth we provided human resources support, recruiting, and contract management allowing them to focus on growth and the mission of their business, while allowing us to showcase our suite of back office services for GovCons & help a small business grow, which is part of our mission at BOOST.


  • Accounting & Finance
  • HR
  • Compliance
  • Contract Management

We provide services for government contractors that allow you to focus on growth, while we focus on everything else.

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