Pricing for contracts with SCA requirements

The Service Contract Act, or SCA, can significantly impact how a contractor must manage, execute and price for labor services.

Although it’s hard to find empirical evidence to indicate that more contracts are being subjected to the SCA, it’s safe to say the clause is now being used more frequently since 2010.

This whitepaper will shed some light on how government contractors can navigate the world of SCA. By applying smart strategies to price proposals competitively, all the while staying in compliance with the SCA laws, you can submit a well-rounded and competitive proposal and be ready to implement the SCA regulations and guidelines upon award.

CPSR (Contractor Purchasing System Review) Guide 2019

Download our 2019 CPSR Guide for quick and easy reference on what a CPSR is, who does the review and grants approval, plus tips on passing the review.

A Contractor Purchasing System Review, or commonly abbreviated “CPSR”, is a complete review of a contractor’s purchasing system. This whitepaper defines what is meant by “system” in the eyes of the federal government, provides an overview of the CSPR process and tips for passing a CSPR review.