Editor’s Note: This Article Has Been Updated November 29, 2022

As we grow our GovCon companies, we often forget the value of having downtime or activities other than business. As we see each other at networking events, a common conversation is comprised of how busy we are. But does busy equal profitable? Does busy equal productive? Why do we all want to be busy? The concept of ‘unplugging’ isn’t foreign in theory but in practice, it seems almost impossible. Will setting quiet hours for ourselves really be a detriment to our business or is the lack of time away causing more harm than good?

Finding Work-Life Balance at a GovCon

I find that GovCon business owners spend most of their time working on (or in) their companies, focused on growth and scalability. They then spend the rest of their time with family and friends, usually to make up for being absent due to work. In that equation, how much time do they have for themselves? Ask yourself – how much time do you spend on nonwork/non-obligation activities?  Do you have a hobby that is yours and yours alone? Do you pursue education or opportunities for growth outside your current set of skills? Do you goof off? Most importantly, do you have fun?

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I’ve often said, if you aren’t having fun, then, why do it? While not every day is a picnic if you have taken on the role of CEO/Leader/Owner in your GovCon and you find yourself hating it, ask yourself why. What aspects of GovCon leadership are causing you anxiety? Is there something you can do outside of work to combat the stress? If you’re finding excess pressure at work it is necessary to find a healthy outlet to help you remain focused and productive.

We all know that putting your eggs in one basket only leads to disaster. So why would you take that approach with the way you structure your work and life? If you need to, set aside time in your schedule for hobbies or activities that are completely unrelated to work. If you’re finding it hard to set aside that time, even for 30 minutes, take a look at your task load and decide if your mental health and happiness are worth a little delegating.

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