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Contract Awards | Will You Survive?

The new Fiscal year has started, but contract awards are still coming in. Do you know what it will take to fully survive the incoming work? It’s a fast-paced time of year and there are key actions you can take to be proactive that will allow you to stay ahead of the chaos and the requirements. Regardless of the time of year, contract […]

Back-Office Outsourcing | A Smart Move For Growing GovCons

Whether you work solo or in a large GovCon operation, competition remains constant and intense. GovCons continually seek an elusive competitive edge, perhaps in the form of larger sales teams, new lead generation systems, or broader business networking. However, many GovCons overlook the option of improving their own business structures, especially those related to the […]

Lessons Learned | The CIO-SP4 Saga

We can confidently say that even if you’ve been living under a rock in the govcon industry this past few months, you have still probably heard the shouts regarding CIO-SP4 delays, amendments, and drama. Short of rolling our eyes one more time at the craziness of it all, what lessons can we take and learn […]

Mid-Year Accounting, What You Need to Know!

It is mid-year planning time, and our Accounting Team would love to share with you a few items that should be on your radar. We are here to help you succeed, and we are committed to Quality, Proactiveness, and Communication. Let’s jump right in!   Budgeting and Forecasting – Budgeting and Forecasting are very important […]

Eyes Forward, Eyes Back

July.  How is that even possible???  We slugged through half of the year, most folks are considering a return to the office in some manner, everyone is back to working full time, and we haven’t seen a sourdough bread post in a really long time. As we take stock of the first half of the […]

GovCon Untethered Finale

That’s a wrap! Season 1 of the BOOST Podcast, GovCon Untethered has come to a close. Not to worry, Season 2 will kick off the first week in August with new guests, new episodes and new ways to push business forward. We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to the guests from season 1 […]

Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting?

When it comes to building your team’s bench or hiring against a new contract or significant growth, you DO have options. What those options entail are typically like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but you will NOT get the same result once you take a bite. There are some very good reasons […]

ICS FAQ for the DIY Padawans

Once upon a webinar, in a galaxy as far away as a click of your mouse, three mighty Jedis took the challenge on May 4th to further explain and help young padawans discover the true force of an ICS. Our Brave Jedis/Panelists included moderation by Meg Kerns, and a discussion from Boost’s Director of Accounting […]

ICS | DIY or Do It Well?

While Tax Season may be the bell of the ball for the average American, in the GovCon space the real sweetheart is the Incurred Cost Submission. The question on our client’s minds is: Can you DIY the ICS with some turbo-tax-type setup, or does it need to be carefully placed into the hands of a professional? Keeping that in mind, let’s […]