For The Love of GovCon

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It’s the season of love, or so we’ve been programmed to believe by the corporate folks over at Hallmark.  But we embrace the season…because having Feb be only about Groundhog Day just isn’t doing it for us. As we reflect on love, the question is what do we love about GovCon? There are a million […]

General Services Administration MAS Refresh #19

GSA MAS Refresh

The General Services Administration (GSA) released the last Refresh #19 of the year in December accompanied by a mass modification (mass mod) to incorporate modifications to the overall solicitation, as well as changes specific to certain Large Categories and Special Item Numbers (SINs), which apply uniformly to all existing schedule holders offering products and services. […]

GovCon Year-End Checklist

Year-End Checklist

Getting Ready for January 1st The end of the year is filled with holidays, gifts, and parties. If you are a GovCon small business owner it’s also filled with wrapping up the current year’s finances and getting ready for next year. The importance of closing, rolling forward, and opening fiscal years can suck all the […]

Employee Benefit Trends for GovCons in 2024

Benefits 2024

As employers anxiously await their healthcare renewal and while increases are predicted to be between 5% to 10%, GovCons are focusing on cost management. At the same time, enhancing benefits to help attract and retain workers remains a top priority.  “What are some cost-effective, yet unique benefits?” “What new benefit offering should we add this year?” […]

Build Loyalty Within Your Company

building loyalty

Building Employee Loyalty in GovCon: Strategies for Success In the dynamic realm of government contracting (GovCon), where acronyms abound, competition is fierce, coffee flows endlessly, and the demand for top-tier talent is insatiable, nurturing employee loyalty is not just an option – it’s a mission-critical imperative. GovCon comes with unique challenges and opportunities, and the […]

Things to Know About Employee Bonuses

Bonuses are an important part of employee compensation. If you are currently offering bonuses, or are thinking about offering them, this article is for you! Bonuses offer additional compensation, above and beyond an employee’s regular salary or wages. They are typically given to recognize and incentivize employee performance, contribution, or commitment to the company. Some […]


Audit – noun; An official inspection or examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts or financial situation, typically by an independent body Audit – verb; To conduct an official examination of an individual’s or an organization’s accounts  Whether you are looking up the noun or the verb, the word “Audit” heightens anxiety levels in even […]

Seriously With a Government Shutdown?

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In what is now an annual rite of passage, federal contractors face another potential government shutdown.  This one looks more likely to happen than in years past.  But fear not, it’s not our first rodeo.  Here’s some quick, actionable advice.  Is it different from any other article you’ve already seen on this subject?  Not really, […]