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For The Love of GovCon

For The Love of GovCon Blog Header

It’s the season of love, or so we’ve been programmed to believe by the corporate folks over at Hallmark.  But we embrace the season…because having Feb be only about Groundhog Day just isn’t doing it for us. As we reflect on love, the question is what do we love about GovCon? There are a million […]

Seriously With a Government Shutdown?

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In what is now an annual rite of passage, federal contractors face another potential government shutdown.  This one looks more likely to happen than in years past.  But fear not, it’s not our first rodeo.  Here’s some quick, actionable advice.  Is it different from any other article you’ve already seen on this subject?  Not really, […]

The Benefits of Establishing A DEIAB Plan

Diversity Action Plan | DEIAB Meaning | DEI Acronym

We know that DEIAB is important for creating an inclusive and successful workplace environment. It’s not simply a trend or lingo in the industry; it’s a movement. It’s about creating a more equitable environment where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of their background. DEIAB, meaning diversity, equity, inclusion, access & belonging, provides a wealth of obvious benefits to a company, as well as a selection of hidden benefits that emerge over time as company culture begins to shift to a more equitable and fair interpretation than was previously established.

Physical Health for CEOs

Physical Health of CEOs

I recently finished my 850th class at OrangeTheory Fitness.  And while this accomplishment is something I’m proud of, it is also an opportunity to highlight something that many CEOs don’t consider – their health. While we go full throttle on running our companies, focused on growth and expansion, ducking and tackling our challenges, it is […]

Tips for GovCons Struggling With the Talent Shortage

Government Contract Talent Shortages

In late 2021, Forbes published an article about the difficult state of hiring for businesses around the world. The article stated that 54% of companies globally reported talent shortages in what proved to be a 10-year low for talent availability.

Just months later, ManpowerGroup published an infographic showing that number had risen to 75% of companies around the globe reporting that they’re having difficulty finding talent. Things haven’t gotten any better since then.