Find Success in a Hybrid Working Schedule

Find Success in a Hybrid Working Schedule | BOOST LLC.

Whether you love it or hate it, working from home has become a major part of today’s employment culture. In some cases, not offering a hybrid work from home/work at the office schedule is going to lose you talent, both in terms of hiring and retention. While there are still plenty of people who prefer […]

Back-Office Outsourcing | A Smart Move For Growing GovCons

Whether you work solo or in a large GovCon operation, competition remains constant and intense. GovCons continually seek an elusive competitive edge, perhaps in the form of larger sales teams, new lead generation systems, or broader business networking. However, many GovCons overlook the option of improving their own business structures, especially those related to the […]

To Bid or Not to Bid, Polaris Edition

While this may feel like yet another blog on Polaris, we can guarantee it’s one that will showcase information you haven’t seen before. Recently the govmates team (premier matchmaking for government contracting) hosted an institute to discuss the Next Generation GWAC. Panelists included moderation by Stephanie Alexander, and discussion from Global Services’ Proposal Manager Martin Hicks and BOOST LLC’s pricing genie, Jeff Halsted. The group did a brief […]

Year One

One freaking year.  We are at one year into this crazy pandemic.  The good news is that vaccines are on the way.  The bad news is that it’s still going to take a while to recover.  Some of us have faired okay, others have thrived, while others are drowning.  We’ve had multiple flavors of pandemic […]

Branding for Your Business 

📣 Attention all businesses with a website (you should have one), this message is for you. 📣  Branding is more than a set of colors and a logo. Today, branding refers to how your business stands and speaks when you are not personally doing the talking. It refers to your content, your audience, the platforms you choose to […]

Resources to Kick-Start Your New Year!

Here’s a quick collection of the BOOST blogs we shared throughout the past year! Business Lessons from the Billy Goat Trail Netiquette – Digital Marketing for Peak Visibility. Leading Through Uncertainty – The onset of leadership in a pandemic. Distributed Workforce: The Future is Now Company Culture from a Digital Perspective Puzzle Me This – […]

Takeaways from the CMMC Institute

On Wednesday, December 9th the govmates Institute hosted experts from the SC&H Group to provide timely insight on the DoD Interim Rule for CMMC (effective Dec. 1, 2020). During this discussion the panelists provided information regarding: • NIST Certifications and their correlation with CMMC Self-Evaluation Standards • A brief overview of important scorecard notes and how they apply to Small Businesses • The Interim Rule and what […]