Boosting Your Talent Acquisition Team’s Performance

Boosting Talent Acquisition Team Performance: Mid-Year Assessment

Well, it’s about that time again, folks! We are rounding the corner and making our way into the second half of the year (crazy how six months can fly by!), which means NOW is a crucial time to assess your progress towards your 2023 goals for govcon recruiting. Now that we have half a year solidly under our belts, it’s important to take a minute to step back, review our targets, track our headway toward our objectives, and realign our processes to make sure we are on point to hit that “holy grail” we are shooting for by the end of the year.

Talent Acquisition and Proposal Season for GovCons

Proposal season is right around the corner, and we all know what that means! It means we all begin the time-critical endeavor of locating, recruiting, and securing the key personnel that are required to win the wide variety of contracts that are up for competition! 

There are many factors involved in the enormous task of talent acquisition in proposal season. On top of that, you only have a very short window to make sure your proposal is solid, competitive, and wins out amongst all the contenders within the GovCon sector. 

Harness People Power: Recruitment For Government Contractors

Harness People Power: Recruitment For Government Contractors

They say April showers bring May flowers and as we hop headfirst into this spring season we all have GROWTH at the forefront of our minds! After all, that is the end goal, isn’t it? We are all striving for continuous, sustainable, and measurable growth within our organizations’ area of expertise. 

While May flowers can bloom and thrive with only a little soil, rain, and sunlight we know that there is A LOT more that goes into expanding your business. We want to take a minute to recognize that one of the major contributing factors in elevating your company to the next level is your PEOPLE, and how recruitment for government contractors is all about harnessing that power.  

The Benefits of Establishing A DEIAB Plan

Diversity Action Plan | DEIAB Meaning | DEI Acronym

We know that DEIAB is important for creating an inclusive and successful workplace environment. It’s not simply a trend or lingo in the industry; it’s a movement. It’s about creating a more equitable environment where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of their background. DEIAB, meaning diversity, equity, inclusion, access & belonging, provides a wealth of obvious benefits to a company, as well as a selection of hidden benefits that emerge over time as company culture begins to shift to a more equitable and fair interpretation than was previously established.