Ensuring Workforce Continuity and Success: The Importance of Succession Planning for GovCons

Succession Planning for GovCon: Ensuring Workforce Continuity

Table Of Contents Introduction The Need for Comprehensive Succession Planning Key Elements of an Effective Succession Plan Conclusion Boosting Your GovCon Business with Succession Planning Key Takeaways About The Authors Is your GovCon prepared for a disruption within your workforce? Are you taking steps to prepare for the future of your organization? Internal and external […]

Grow Your GovCon With Strategic Contracting

Grow Your GovCon With Strategic Contracting

Table of Contents:  Pipeline Planning and Strategic Contracting Strategic Contracting for Profitable Growth and Partnership What Does Strategic Contracting Look Like in Practice? A Case Study in Strategic Negotiation Build Trust, Reduce Risk, and Save Money Key Takeaways About The Author, Bernita Tardieu Pipeline planning is essential to grow your business. Most small business GovCons […]

A Small Business takes on An Industry Giant – A David and Goliath Story

How BOOST Support Helped a Small Business in Negotiations

Table of Contents: Introduction The Importance of Understanding Contracts Case Study: The Power of BOOST Support The Value of Expert Support in Contract Negotiations Conclusion Key Takeaways About The Author, Kathy Wright Most of us routinely agree to terms and conditions in our daily lives without even reading them. We tap “I AGREE” to update […]

Harness People Power: Recruitment For Government Contractors

Harness People Power: Recruitment For Government Contractors

Table of Contents Growth: More than Just Nature’s Game The People Factor: Your Key to Success Talent Acquisition: Not Just a Cog in the Machine The Pitfalls of the “Butts in Seats” Approach Turning Recruitment into Growth: A Four-Step Approach The Challenge of Systematic Recruitment The BOOST Advantage: Supercharging Your Talent Acquisition FAQ Section How […]

The Benefits of Establishing A Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, & Belonging (DEIAB) Plan

Diversity Action Plan | DEIAB Meaning | DEI Acronym

Editor’s Note: This Article Has Been Updated May 16, 2023 Table of Contents Introduction Benefits of Establishing a DEIAB Plan Things to Consider with a DEIAB / Diversity Action Plan Conclusion References Key Takeaways ABOUT BOOST’S CEO, STEPHANIE ALEXANDER We know that DEIAB is important for creating an inclusive and successful workplace environment.  It’s not […]

Top 5 Marketing Must-Haves for GovCon

Marketing has changed its face drastically over the last 5 years. We are no longer utilizing salesmen-type tactics, but moving more toward valuable, needle-moving discussions that push people and their businesses forward. In the interest of continuing that discussion, we at BOOST would like to provide you with our Top 5 Must-Haves for Government Contractors. […]

Where’s Your Cape?

Now, we’re not talking about your superhero cape. (But what you wear to work during a work-from-home-situation is none of our business.) We’re talking about your Capabilities Statement (better known as your cap statement). We bet that you need at least two hands, or more, to count the number of times you’ve been asked “what […]

GovCon Untethered | Goal Setting and Accountability

  In this episode of GovCon Untethered, Meg is joined by Coach Terry Head to discuss goal setting, accountability, and above all, flexibility going forward in business this year. (Click the image to listen to this week’s episode!) Terry was kind enough to share an article with us on accountability. Please find it here. Connect […]

Business Building Opportunities in GovCon

In this episode, GovCon Untethered brings you a discussion between Robin Desmore-Scott, BOOST’s Director of Contracts, and Dwight Gibbs, and Scott Keough of Contraqer to discuss Building Business Opportunities in the GovCon Arena with Award and Opportunity Search. Action Items from the episode include getting your opportunity search links in order for easy access. The […]

Creating Value in Growing Government Contractors

Every business owner dreams of building a Company so that they may reap the rewards sometime in the future.  However for many entrepreneurs, these dreams never materialize, falling short of building value within their organization,  Do you understand the true value drivers that make a difference in creating value inside of your business?  How does […]