It’s Time to Change the Game in GovCon

We Need to Apply a Full Court Press Approach to Get Younger Women on Boards: A Message from Stephanie Alexander (BOOST CEO & Founder): Washington Business Journal recently wrote an article about how the progress of women on corporate boards has now hit a wall. After a few years of progress, the past 1-2 years […]

Fortune Favors The Prepared: Stellar Strategies for GovCon

It’s Written in the Unanet Stars: Constellations have been used for centuries as guides for travelers and each star plays a unique role in forming a recognizable pattern. Let Unanet help connect the dots of your GovConstellation so you can see the bigger picture: Forecast Your GovCon Future with the GAUGE Report: Read the seventh […]

Understanding the Regulatory Layer Cake

Compliance is a Science: Make sure you understand the regulatory layer cake recipe by keeping up with rule changes fresh out of the federal oven: DOL: Proposal to Restore, Extend Overtime Protections for 3.6 Million Low-Paid Salaried Workers: The proposal would restore and extend overtime protections to low-paid salaried workers, give workers who are not […]

February Tips for GovCon & New DOL Rule

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For The Love of GovCon: It’s the season of love, or so we’ve been programmed to believe by the corporate folks over at Hallmark. But we embrace the season…because having Feb be only about Groundhog Day just isn’t doing it for us. As we reflect on love, the question is what do we love about […]

January Tips for GovCon Success in 2024

Tips to Launch Into 2024

Tips for Navigating the GovCon Galaxy in 2024: Whether you’re a Jedi or a Starfleet captain, we invite you to explore the vast universe of our GovCon blogs and discover the insights that await you. May the force be with you, and may your procurement endeavors be prosperous! These ARE the blogs you are looking […]

BOOST’s November GovCon Tips

Read Our Blogs in Less Time Than it Takes to Hear Your Uncle Tell the Same Story AGAIN: The age-old tradition of trying to avoid awkward dinner conversations will be upon us this Thursday so we have compiled a list of GovCon topics you can share to silence any squabbling amongst the gobbling. Have an […]

Tips for GovCon Growth & Success

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Stop Moving The Goalposts On Achieving Growth & Success In football, players must constantly adapt to changing situations on the field, adjusting their strategies in response to the actions of their opponents. This ability to be flexible and adjust to changing circumstances is also crucial in government contracting, where unforeseen challenges and obstacles can arise […]

Tips for GovCon Employee Benefits

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Carve Out Time to Stay Compliant, Competitive, and Attractive When selecting a pumpkin, one might consider its size, shape, and color to ensure it is perfect for carving. Similarly, when selecting benefits, employers may consider the needs of their employees, the cost of the benefits, and the impact on company culture. In both cases, it […]

Tips for GovCon M&As

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  HR: The Friendly Ghost of M&As! Let HR haunt your pre and post-M&A processes so everyone can live happily ever after(life)! The role of HR is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the success of mergers and acquisitions. If you don’t include the human factor in your planning from the beginning, your […]