Ensuring GovCon Compliance with Recent TikTok Ban

US TikTok Ban for Government Contractors: Compliance Guide

To address national security concerns, the US government has implemented a ban on the use of TikTok, a popular social media app, in government contracting. Effective June 2, 2023, this ban prohibits contractors and their personnel from using or having the TikTok app or any software developed by ByteDance on their information technology equipment while performing federal contracts. In this blog, we will explore the implications of this ban and discuss how organizations can ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Teaming Agreement to Subcontract Agreement – Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap between Teaming Agreement and Subcontract

Did you know that most Teaming Agreements self-terminate when the prime and subcontractor agree on the subcontract terms?  It is true!  A typical termination clause in a Teaming Agreement contains a list of events that signal the end of the Teaming Agreement the moment any of those things occur.  For the winning prime and its teammates, the most common termination event is mutual agreement on the subcontract.

Teaming Agreements – Workshare Analysis

Understanding Workshare in Teaming Agreements

Any company that has been a teammate under a FAR Part 9 Teaming Agreement is familiar with negotiating workshare that will be subcontracted to them if the team wins an award.  Aren’t those days when we learn we have won a contract/subcontract the best?  But later, at some point during the execution of the prime contract, a quick calculation of your cumulative task order values divided by the published prime contract funded values does not measure up to the workshare percentage promised in the Teaming Agreement.  So, what gives?  

Teaming Agreements – Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

Teaming Agreements: Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive

Teaming Agreements tend to follow a basic recipe, but there are two primary types:  exclusive and non-exclusive.  How should you decide which is best for your company, and what are the risks that come with each option?  Some of the driving factors in determining whether to team exclusively include the type of contract the team is pursuing and the anticipated contract term, the workshare distribution, and the fairness of any exclusivity provisions in the Teaming Agreement.  

The Importance of Annual Updates for Your GovCon Employee Handbook

Why You Should Update Your GovCon Employee Handbook Annually

In the dynamic landscape of Government Contracting (GovCon), change is the only constant. As a responsible and forward-thinking employer, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of updating your employee handbook policies and benefits on an annual basis. This proactive approach allows you to adapt to evolving legal requirements, cater to the needs of your GovCon workforce, and foster a positive and inclusive work environment. Let’s explore why this is a powerful strategy for success.

A Small Business takes on An Industry Giant

How BOOST Support Helped a Small Business in Negotiations

Most of us routinely agree to terms and conditions in our daily lives without even reading them. We tap “I AGREE” to update our phone’s software, sign up for gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, and lawn care services, often without a second glance at the fine print. More importantly, we sign leases, mortgages, and purchase orders for new cars without reviewing the contract or seeking a consultant. Small business owners have more to worry about. They need to sign non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, and purchase/task orders, all invoking varying terms and conditions. And without a government contracts consultant, they could become lost in the weeds.

Can AI-Based Hiring Algorithms Get You Into Trouble With the EEOC?

AI hiring algorithm | AI Hiring | BOOST LLC

Yes, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is prioritizing enforcement against algorithmic and other tech-related employment discrimination. “Artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making tools have great potential to improve our lives, including in the area of employment,” says EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows in 2021. “At the same time, the EEOC is keenly aware that […]

Incurred Cost Submission FAQ for the DIY Padawans

Once upon a webinar, in a galaxy as far away as a click of your mouse, three mighty Jedis took the challenge on May 4th to further explain and help young padawans discover the true force of an incurred cost submission (ICS). Our Brave Jedis/Panelists included moderation by Meg Kerns, and a discussion from Boost’s Director of Accounting & CFO Service Susana I. Vellelonga and BOOST’s Senior Accounting Consultant Khaldun Taib.