Teaming Agreement to Subcontract Agreement – Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap between Teaming Agreement and Subcontract

Did you know that most Teaming Agreements self-terminate when the prime and subcontractor agree on the subcontract terms?  It is true!  A typical termination clause in a Teaming Agreement contains a list of events that signal the end of the Teaming Agreement the moment any of those things occur.  For the winning prime and its teammates, the most common termination event is mutual agreement on the subcontract.

Teaming Agreements – Workshare Analysis

Understanding Workshare in Teaming Agreements

Any company that has been a teammate under a FAR Part 9 Teaming Agreement is familiar with negotiating workshare that will be subcontracted to them if the team wins an award.  Aren’t those days when we learn we have won a contract/subcontract the best?  But later, at some point during the execution of the prime contract, a quick calculation of your cumulative task order values divided by the published prime contract funded values does not measure up to the workshare percentage promised in the Teaming Agreement.  So, what gives?  

Teaming Agreements – Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

Teaming Agreements: Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive

Teaming Agreements tend to follow a basic recipe, but there are two primary types:  exclusive and non-exclusive.  How should you decide which is best for your company, and what are the risks that come with each option?  Some of the driving factors in determining whether to team exclusively include the type of contract the team is pursuing and the anticipated contract term, the workshare distribution, and the fairness of any exclusivity provisions in the Teaming Agreement.  

June Proposal Tips

Proposal Season Is On The Horizon - BOOST

Are You in Proposal Hell? As government contracting organizations mature, their proposal strategy evolves. Let’s face it, in the beginning, a GovCon is just happy to be invited to the dance, even as a sub. So, we’ll bid on blue birds; we’ll stretch our rates, our margins, our past performance and occasionally our credibility. How […]

Investing in Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

Maximize Leadership Potential: Invest in Executive Coaching

As you consider your GovCon organization’s high potential employee pipeline for leadership, it’s important to consider the challenges that these leaders will face. An analysis conducted by Harvard Business Review analysis highlights five key challenges that have remained constant over the last 20 years:

Leading Teams
Leading Change
Leadership Style
Leading at Scale
Driving Business Results

In the aftermath of the pandemic, these challenges have become even more pronounced,  and the gaps in skills and capabilities have only grown wider. To address these difficulties and support the growth of your high potential individuals as leaders, it is vital that GovCon companies invest in executive coaching as a development strategy. 

Growth Tips For May

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying. “If you aren’t growing, you are dying” is a common refrain for many businesspeople. We all look at growth as an absolute must, and in most cases, it is. But damn is it hard. And messy. You’ve started your company with the best of intentions. You have big dreams, […]

What to Look for in an HRIS

What to Look for in an HRIS | BOOST LLC

Human resource departments have a lot to manage on any given day, so having a good HRIS (Human Resources Information System) in place can make a big difference in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Below, we’ll talk about some key features to look for in an HRIS that will help you get maximum value from […]

Contract Awards | Will You Survive?

The new Fiscal year has started, but contract awards are still coming in. Do you know what it will take to fully survive the incoming work? It’s a fast-paced time of year and there are key actions you can take to be proactive that will allow you to stay ahead of the chaos and the requirements of contract awards. Regardless of the time of year, contract award preparation and management are essential survival steps to successful execution and transition

Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting?

Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting? - BOOST LLC

When it comes to building your team’s bench or hiring against a new contract or significant growth, you DO have options. What those options entail are typically like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but you will NOT get the same result once you take a bite.