Investing in Executive Coaching for High-Potential Leadership Development

Maximize Leadership Potential: Invest in Executive Coaching

Table of Contents Introduction The Importance of Executive Coaching for High-Potential Employees Positive Impacts of Coaching on Leadership Development Maximizing ROI: Investing in Executive Coaching for Organizational Growth Key Takeaways About The Author, Wendy Rufo As you consider your GovCon organization’s high potential employee pipeline for leadership, it’s important to consider the challenges that these […]

What to Look for in an HRIS

What to Look for in an HRIS | BOOST LLC

Human resource departments have a lot to manage on any given day, so having a good HRIS (Human Resources Information System) in place can make a big difference in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Below, we’ll talk about some key features to look for in an HRIS that will help you get maximum value from […]

Contract Awards | Will You Survive?

The new Fiscal year has started, but contract awards are still coming in. Do you know what it will take to fully survive the incoming work? It’s a fast-paced time of year and there are key actions you can take to be proactive that will allow you to stay ahead of the chaos and the requirements of […]

Mid-Year Accounting for GovCons, What You Need to Know!

It is mid-year planning time, and our Accounting Team would love to share with you a few items that should be on your radar. We are here to help you succeed, and we are committed to Quality, Proactiveness, and Communication. Let’s jump right in!   Budgeting and Forecasting – Budgeting and Forecasting are very important […]

Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting?

When it comes to building your team’s bench or hiring against a new contract or significant growth, you DO have options. What those options entail are typically like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but you will NOT get the same result once you take a bite. There are some very good reasons […]

ICS | DIY or Do It Well?

While Tax Season may be the bell of the ball for the average American, in the GovCon space the real sweetheart is the Incurred Cost Submission. The question on our client’s minds is: Can you DIY the ICS with some turbo-tax-type setup, or does it need to be carefully placed into the hands of a professional? Keeping that in mind, let’s […]

Employer Branding | | The Missing Piece of Your Recruiting Strategy 

Employer Branding & Your GovCon Recruiting Strategy

Editor’s Note: This Article Has Been Updated on September 20, 2022 Here’s a little–known fact: GovCon recruiting is the money-making department you didn’t know you had. If your GovCon recruiting strategy is considering your employer brand, and your hiring process reflects that brand through great candidate experience, then your employee retention rates should be looking great and your […]

Marketing Your Business, Consistency is Key 

consistency in marketing | GovCon Marketing | GovCon Marketing Strategy

Do us a favor and imagine our best James Earl Jones impression “…and if you’ll look to your inbox, everyone is writing about COVID.” We know, we know.  While we may be exhausted by the constant deluge of COVID this, and social distancing that, the fact remains that the way we do business now has changed. Forever. This doesn’t […]

Top Tips for Choosing an Accounting System

As we discussed previously, accounting implementations are like dentist visits (sorry dental friends), necessary but definitely not fun. Yet, before we get to the implementation part, we have to go through the process of system selection; identifying and choosing the best system for your business. We’ve compiled what we consider to be the top tips […]