Tips for GovCons Struggling With the Talent Shortage

Government Contract Talent Shortages

In late 2021, Forbes published an article about the difficult state of hiring for businesses around the world. The article stated that 54% of companies globally reported talent shortages in what proved to be a 10-year low for talent availability. Just months later, ManpowerGroup published an infographic showing that number had risen to 75% of […]

A GovCon Checklist for Changing Accounting Systems

Is your accounting DCAA compliant?

So you’ve decided to upgrade or even completely change your government contract accounting system. First of all, congratulations. Secondly, there are some things you’re going to need to do as a government contractor to make sure you’re maintaining DCAA compliance with your new accounting system.  You already know this, but accounting for GovCons isn’t the […]

5 Tips for Maintaining SCA Compliance

5 Tips for Maintaining SCA Compliance | BOOST LLC

If you’re a government contractor, then you know all about the Service Contract Act (SCA). This act requires contractors to pay their employees fair wages and benefits, and is definitely a good thing. However, keeping track of compliance can get a little messy sometimes. In fact, there’s a chance you don’t actually know if you’re […]

Stocks Spooks

Stock Spooks - BOOST LLC

As stocks have tumbled over the past few weeks, we find ourselves potentially in a financial market reckoning.  A reckoning for those companies that operate without concern for what I’ll term business basics:  PROFIT.   It has forever blown my mind that companies continue to be created based on the latest trends – members, platform users, […]

How to Get on the GSA Schedule

How to Get on the GSA Schedule - BOOST LLC

In the world of GovCon, GSA Schedule Contracts are a great source of income. Though limited in term, the deliverables are open-ended and indefinite. That means that any federal, and some state and local government, customers can order an unlimited amount of products or services from the contract holders.  Being on the GSA Schedule leads […]

Overhaul Your Subcontracting Plan

Subcontracting Plan - BOOST LLC

If you’re like most larger GovCon businesses, subcontracting is a key part of your success. After all, there’s only so much that you can do in-house, and partnering with the right subcontractors can help you get the work done quickly and efficiently. However, if you’re not careful, subcontracting can also lead to compliance issues. In […]

The Best Defense Strategies for DCAA Audits

DCAA Audits for GovCons - BOOST LLC

Nobody in the world of GovCon really *enjoys* DCAA audits. They’re the scourge of CFO blood pressure, and they’re also just something we have to accept as a part of this career path we’ve chosen.  But here’s the thing about DCAA audits – They don’t actually have to be all that stressful. With a little […]

The Power of No

After what can only be described as a waffling phone call earlier this week with a potential client, it made me want to issue this PSA:Saying “no” to an opportunity, a service, a contract, a teammate, or even a prospective employee, is one of the best gifts you can give. When you concretely say “no,” […]

5 Recruiting Tips for Government Contractors

Recruiting for Government Contractors - BOOST LLC

There are no two ways about it – recruiting new employees is very hard right now. For government contractors, it’s maybe even twice as hard as that.  Some of the reasons for this include a shift in employee expectations, some of which many government contractors simply aren’t going to be able to accommodate. For instance, […]