GovCon Untethered Finale

That’s a wrap! Season 1 of the BOOST Podcast, GovCon Untethered has come to a close. Not to worry, Season 2 will kick off the first week in August with new guests, new episodes and new ways to push business forward. We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to the guests from season 1 […]

ICS FAQ for the DIY Padawans

Once upon a webinar, in a galaxy as far away as a click of your mouse, three mighty Jedis took the challenge on May 4th to further explain and help young padawans discover the true force of an ICS. Our Brave Jedis/Panelists included moderation by Meg Kerns, and a discussion from Boost’s Director of Accounting […]

The Power of Digital Events

Are you Zoomed or webinar-ed out yet?  Many people are feeling the Zoom-Gloom as it’s often referred to and for good reason. While there’s a new webinar opportunity (or several) every week it may feel overwhelming to know which to attend and which to avoid. To keep the Zoom-Gloom, and mind-numbing doldrums at bay, we have a few suggestions […]

Who Do We Love?

As we wind down February, we wanted to take a quick moment to show some love to a few folks in the GovCon industry. We think these resources are valuable for growing GovCons.  If you think we might be forgetting anyone go ahead and share the love! The Pulse – this is a must-read for anyone in […]

March MADNESS in GovCon

As we work on our brackets here at BOOST (okay, Lisa is working on her bracket…she’s already dominated in fantasy football), I’m compelled to write on a few bouts of madness that we’ve observed this year. Chasing Phantom Work – If we got paid for every time someone approached us with “my prime will give […]

March Madness in Federal Government

So much for our brackets (okay, Va Tech was a long shot, but what the heck UVA?), we’re extending our musings on a few bouts of madness that we’ve observed this year within the government. Budget – Everything about it is broken. Everything. The Continuing Resolutions. The riders for pet projects. The need to “use […]