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GovCon Year-End Checklist

Year-End Checklist

Getting Ready for January 1st The end of the year is filled with holidays, gifts, and parties. If you are a GovCon small business owner it’s also filled with wrapping up the current year’s finances and getting ready for next year. The importance of closing, rolling forward, and opening fiscal years can suck all the […]


Audit – noun; An official inspection or examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts or financial situation, typically by an independent body Audit – verb; To conduct an official examination of an individual’s or an organization’s accounts  Whether you are looking up the noun or the verb, the word “Audit” heightens anxiety levels in even […]

Navigating Tax Compliance for Federal Government Contractors: Important Dates, FAQs, and Required Documentation

Tax Compliance

As a federal government contractor, you are accustomed to operating in a complex and highly regulated environment. What you may not appreciate is that something as mundane as tax compliance is as integral a part of your business landscape as the FAR. Tax regulations and reporting requirements unique to the GovCon industry make navigating the […]