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5 Recruiting Tips for Government Contractors

There are no two ways about it – recruiting new employees is very hard right now. For government contractors, it’s maybe even twice as hard as that.  Some of the reasons for this include a shift in employee expectations, some of which many government contractors simply aren’t going to be able to accommodate. For instance, […]


Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting?

When it comes to building your team’s bench or hiring against a new contract or significant growth, you DO have options. What those options entail are typically like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but you will NOT get the same result once you take a bite. There are some very good reasons […]


Onboarding Post-COVID

Now that award season is in full swing, many companies are hiring to fill open opportunities. Yet, the whole process looks different. We aren’t meeting people in person for interviews, our “first impressions” are only as good as our video connectivity, and once hired, now you have to prepare them for a mostly-virtual environment. So, […]


Budgeting for GovCons 2022 – Do You Get December-itis

December starts a very interesting month for those in business. It’s usually the winding-down of a calendar year with holidays, celebrations, and a chance to breathe. This year, as we already know, is one like no other. With less opportunity to party or travel it allows for the time to look ahead, set new goals, […]


Employer Branding | | The Missing Piece of Your Recruiting Strategy 

Editor’s Note: This Article Has Been Updated on September 20, 2022 Here’s a little–known fact: GovCon recruiting is the money-making department you didn’t know you had. If your GovCon recruiting strategy is considering your employer brand, and your hiring process reflects that brand through great candidate experience, then your employee retention rates should be looking great and your […]


Current Events and the Job Market

Updated 03/17/2023 It goes without saying that the world is in quite an upheaval in culture and moving toward a new normal. Yet, as we’ve said before, business must continue especially in the GovCon market and that includes hiring. We must ask: Are you in the job market right now? If so, you’re probably questioning […]