Staffing Agency or Boutique Recruiting?

When it comes to building your team’s bench or hiring against a new contract or significant growth, you DO have options. What those options entail are typically like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but you will NOT get the same result once you take a bite.

There are some very good reasons and appropriate situations in which using a staffing agency makes more sense than using a Recruiting Consultancy (hourly recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), or contract recruiter). One such situation is when you’re looking for temporary workers, or specific short-term staff (a few weeks or a month of work to be done). Those types of engagements are perfect for a temp agency or staffing firm. If you’re looking for a large volume of roles to be filled in a very short period of time (under 30 days) then a staffing agency is better positioned to help you as they have hundreds of recruiters on tap. If time is the most important metric to you, i.e. closing transactional roles with lightning speed (caution – you may be giving up quality here), then a staffing agency is your best bet.

However, if quality, diversity and inclusion, employer branding, and partnership are more your style, then a place like BOOST is what you need. If retention, a natural extension of your recruiting and hiring process, is important to you then partnering with a recruiting consultancy shop or recruiting consultant is how you ensure a true strategy is created and executed with your culture in mind. While a recruiting strategy and recruiting process are tailored to meet your unique business needs they DO require more time investment on your part (generally at the outset of our relationship). The dividends are worth it – quality hires, that you’re invested in, who are more likely to stay with your organization and provide a beneficial culture add!

When to use a staffing agency:

  • You need Temporary Hires
  • You’re looking to fill specific short-term staff
  • High volume, quick turnaround

When to use BOOST:

  • You’re looking for a partnership, and an extension of your brand (employer brand ambassadorship); retention is important to you
  • Culture-add (not fit) is important to you.
  • Growing in a scalable way is important to you – strategy and repeatable process creation!
  • Not having to do this again in three months is important to you – retention!
  • Cost-to-hire is a concern (we’re way cheaper than a staffing agency)
  • Your business isn’t cookie cutter (staffing agencies send you the same people they sent four other companies, the resume will go to the highest bidder)


Your brand, your retention, and the growth of your team matter to BOOST. We serve as an extension of your brand to find you the qualified candidates you need to help meet your needs and improve your teams. If you’d like to discuss more, you can chat with our Director of Recruiting here.

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